Job Applicaion Tips

Interview Tips
Most people experience a degree of nervousness before and during a job interview. Accept these feelings are natural and follow these tips to stay relaxed in the interview: visualise success, practise responses, well prepared, take time and think positively.

There are some answers to the most common challenging questions might just help you out of a tight spot:

Why are you leaving your current job?
Focus on talking about you are looking for a new challenge, contributing and growing in a team-oriented environment. This position seemed like an excellent match for your skills and experience and you are not able to fully utilize them in the present job and you believe you are very well suited to the position.

What do you know about the company?
Outline briefly what you’ve learned about the company and appear keen to hear more.

How do you think about team work?
When asked about teamwork during a job interview, it’s important to show enthusiasm for working on a team vs. independently if the position requires teamwork. Give specific examples of teamwork you have participated in successfully.

How well do you handle criticism?
You need to show your human side by talking about how we all make mistakes, take what could potentially be a negative topic and turn it round so that it becomes a positive selling point. And we can all learn from constructive and positive criticism.. Don’t fall into the trap of exposing a weakness. As always, make sure you come up smelling of roses!

What motivates you?
You can show that you are motivated by the desire to do a good job at whatever position. You want to excel and to be successful in your job, both for your own personal satisfaction and for your employer.

What are your strengths?
This is where you get to show off why you are better than other candidates. Talk about your achievements to date and the areas of the business where you feel you can make a positive impact.

We’re concerned you may be a little over qualified for the position, how do you feel about it?
You can say that you believe your experience will enable you to make significant contributions to the company from the outset and that ultimately you feel very well suited to the position on offer. And you’re eager to establish yourself within the organisation for the long-term development.

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